Take Your Pills

According to a survey, 1 out of 3 people don’t get their prescriptions filled. A psychologist believes this is because people think they’re not worthy of getting better. In our walk with God, we don’t feel worthy to accept the life-giving truth of His love and mercy towards us. But why? Pastor Nathan Finochio explained that the reasons are:

1. Self-righteousness. We can never truly ‘cover’ our sins enough to make ourselves right with God. God will always be the one to cover us.

2. We are able to shape our feelings by 'taking our pills'. Get in line with the word of God by reading it daily. Lead yourself to the Lord everyday to reshape your feelings and eventually your mind will follow. As our minds are renewed we begin to be like God and believe the best about others.

3. Remember that God isn’t good to you because you have faith or you’re without sin. He’s good because that’s who He is. You are already loved and cared for, don’t wait until you ‘cover’ yourself.