The Multiplication Table

When we go through dark times, it feels like troubles multiply. After we come through the valleys, we often forget to look back at those struggling and pray that God would act. Jesus asks his followers to remember that when you arrive on the mountaintop, it’s not time to relax. Instead, it's time to recognize and do something about the needs of others. To see God move in our cities we must remember that:

1. God will often bring us to the mountaintop to reveal the miracle He wants to do for the masses.

2. Phillip only saw the impossible in feeding the 5,000 people but God can see the future we can’t see or don’t believe is possible. We must have faith in His power to work in the lives of people around us, even when we can’t see the way forward.

3. The end of our provision is the start of God’s. Just like the boy who gave his only food, we have an opportunity to partner with God with what we bring back to Him. That offering filled the stomachs of countless people, and with leftovers! Our job is to freely give and watch God multiply the miracle.