When Love Trends

It's in our nature to deeply desire to be in relationship with God and with each other. but we more often love to be liked and we don’t know how to be loved. We cannot be content with just being liked. How do we ensure that we open ourselves to being loved by others?

1. We should strive for more than just surface-level relationships. It’s easy to be liked by others but being vulnerable enough to be loved is what helps us grow. We should seek to be loved and known by others.
2. True intimacy and healthy relationships are about inviting people in and not excluding others. We should be opening up to meaningful relationships.
3. Being hurt by others shouldn’t stop us from pursuing relationships. Don’t discard the idea of intimacy if you’ve been hurt before. Seek to learn from the lessons of those experiences and engage better with others in the future.

Follow along: Genesis 3: 1-11