You Complete Me

We can be consumed with the process of falling in love and easily forget how to stay in love. We think a relationship will fulfil us or make us happy. But without God, nothing and no one can complete us. If we want to build healthy, God-honouring relationships we must:

1. Become the right person to find the right person. Seek God first and He will give you everything you need, including the foundation for great relationships.
2. Look at now, not just next. Work through past baggage or fears of the future to ensure healthy relationships now.
3. Remember that what you’ve got is more than what it’s not. We should encourage and magnify the best things about them and speak into their potential. You’ll get more of it!
4. Who completes who? You will never get you horizontal relationships (friends, family, spouses etc.) right until you get your vertical relationship (God) right. Find your completion in Christ and then build your relationships on Him.

Follow along: Matthew 6:31-34, Matthew 7:1-8, Matthew 22:27-32